Who is This Guy Anyway?

Eric Henning has a remarkable résumé as a financial expert, professional magician, and award-winning speaker that makes him uniquely suited to assist creative and performing artists with business issues. 

He spent more than two decades as an investment professional, retiring as a partner in a money management firm in 2007, just before the Great Recession. This event was triggered by a home price collapse that Eric had predicted in his Cornerstone Investment Letter™️ in 1998. 

While navigating the intricacies of the financial world, managing portfolios and advising clients with precision, he spent 17 years on the radio with a daily news report, and 8 years on his live, weekly financial call-in show. He also taught personal finance to groups as diverse as homeless women and international policy economists. In 1984, the US government designated Eric as an Expert Speaker in Capital Formation and Small Business Development, and sent him on a diplomatic mission to counter a speech by Fidel Castro!  

Eric’s ability to articulate complex financial concepts makes him a sought-after keynote conference speaker. His numerous national radio guest appearances led to his being hand-picked to answer listener questions regularly on Larry Burkett’s national radio show after Larry’s untimely passing. In 2018, two full years before the pandemic, Eric warned family entertainers at major conferences of events that could disrupt their business for a year or more.

In more than five decades as a professional magician, Eric has headlined at prestigious venues such as the National Theatre in Washington DC, showcasing his mastery of illusions and sleight of hand. He has made five White House appearances, and been featured at three Presidential Inaugurals. He currently headlines the Washington Magic dinner show at the Arts Club of Washington, and is sought after by DC’s elite for high-end corporate, social and charity events. 

This unique combination of financial acumen, magical talent, and teaching skill sets Eric Henning apart as a coach. His decades of experience as a mentor to magicians and other creatives is now available to you.