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Are you sitting back wondering, how everyone else does it?

How they make it look so easy?

Are you working harder, longer hours, making more, but never seeing the fruits of your labor in your bank account?

Are you feeling …

  • Exhausted and stuck in a cycle of spending more money to make more?
  • Like an imposter because people love you and your art, but your bank account doesn’t reflect it?
  • Overwhelmed and confused about what to do when money comes in?
  • Afraid of spending money to grow because you don’t have a plan?

Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do each month to achieve your goals.

Imagine building a business that generates reliable income, which you can scale up without guesswork.

How would that feel?

We want you to be ….

  • Empowered to make money your servant, not your master
  • Excited to review your monthly income and expenses
  • Paid regularly by your business to make your personal finances a joy and not a stressor
  • Confident in your financial decision-making and your plans
  • Recession-proof with tools and strategies that have helped others not only survive, but thrive, even during the pandemic lockdown

And most importantly, we want you to increase what you keep as well as what you earn, so that your business funds your life, not vice-versa.

“You are a wonderful teacher and educator. Every time you talk about managing and balancing finances with magic work I think it is very interesting. Perhaps the word “financial wizard” is used too much but you definitely have that skill set. Excellent real-world advice presented in a very compact and easy-to-understand way!”
Jeff McBride,
Las Vegas Headliner

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I highly recommend the coaching services of Eric Henning, the Wizard of Washington, for aspiring magicians. His wealth of experience and expertise have not only improved my performances but also saved me valuable time and money.

Through his guidance, I've learned ingenious, yet seemingly small tips and tricks that have made a significant impact on my routines. His coaching and guidance has been invaluable to my growth as a magician and performer.”

Meadow Perry
Bubble Magician, Magic Castle Headliner,
featured on TV’s “Masters of Illusion”
"Ever since I began my career in magic seven years ago, Eric Henning has been there to help. I first met Eric at a local magic shop. We quickly became friends, and he made a few suggestions about my performance. I implemented them and got better response from my audience. Since then, he has looked at video of my show - as well as attended live performances - and has given me some very constructive criticism designed only to make me better. He encourages me to think about the reason for every single prop and item in my show, and challenges me to keep striving for excellence. His mentorship and soft hand of guidance have helped me elevate my performance to new heights."
Chuck Thomas
Magician & Corporate Trainer
“Eric Henning is a really Magical Wizard with Finance and Business! His teaching and guidance is the biggest reason I was able to make it through the pandemic and come out DEBT-FREE. He taught me things about the magic business that no school could have taught! His superior information and experience in finance and business has allowed me to scale my business year after year for the past seventeen years. My recommendation is to do what he tells you and reap the rewards.”
Reggie Rice,
Comedy Illusionist
“Eric helped me grow my photography business by providing me advice on the process every step of the way. He tailored his advice to my particular business by identifying my artistic abilities, then teaching me strategies for taking photos that reflect what current and potential clients want. He also helped me learn to communicate effectively with clients to build stronger business relationships. I feel more confident about growing my business with Eric's help and guidance.”
Yu-Ling Huang,
"I met Eric Henning in 2001 and from that first moment, ANYTHING that has come forth from that brain of his is GOLD. If you want to take your knowledge of show business to another level, RUN to Eric Henning! Learn wisdom that only comes from multiple appearances at The White House, the sometimes mean streets of France, and THOUSANDS of satisfied customers."
Daniel Quintana
(aka Byron Grey)
“I have had Eric Henning as a mentor since 2002. At the time I had the idea of starting summer camps teaching magic and other arts programs, and Eric helped me bring this idea into fruition through constant helpful consultation. Within three years I was running twenty different summer arts programs and it became my full time career. This year marks the 20th anniversary of that project and in the fall of 2022, I will have more than 120 different arts programs currently under management. Eric has not only helped me with the different aspects of curriculum development and creating shows starring the kids themselves, but he's helped me with the various aspects of business and marketing. I would say I especially needed training in professionalism, scheduling, leadership and logistics in the business scene that I was unaware of. If you have the chance to be a student of his, you are exceptionally fortunate.”
Chris Bowers,
Founder, Mystery Academy
“I’ve known Eric for several years. Not only is his magic amazing, he is an encyclopedia of knowledge about this business we call show. His advice is always spot on. And I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to improve or build a career from scratch.”
Michael Kurtz,
“Eric Henning consulted on the complete redesign on my website's home page. It went from bare content to robust, meaningful content that my target client demographic cares most about. It's been 6 months and new and old clients alike adore it. I've literally gotten dozens of comments from clients like the following: ‘Everyone looked at your website and they went gaga for you! They're so excited for your show. Please tell me the date is still available, because everyone is super hyped!’ Eric understands both sides of the table when it comes to what clients are looking for. Listen to everything Eric says and do it - you'll be glad you did.”
Seth Neustein,
Mentalist, Producer of Secret Speakeasy®

Who is This Guy Anyway? TL;DR

Eric Henning has a weird résumé that makes him unusually well-qualified to coach artists about money. He’s been a professional magician for more than 50 years. He spent more than 20 years as a full-time investment professional. And he spent much of that time teaching about money in plain English. Click here for the whole story!

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